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Trapper Dan’s of Raleigh specializes in the removal and control of Bat’s ,Squirrels, Raccoon and wildlife that invade homes and structures in the Raleigh area. We have over a decade of experience in the wildlife control industry.


If your hearing noises or seeing signs of invading critters in your home or commercial building we have a solution that will rectify you nuisance animal issue. We are commonly called for some of the following issues.


bat22Bats in attic area of homes and commercial buildings


Squirrels control of invading squirrels in attics, walls and around structures.


Bat’s in the Raleigh and surrounding areas will seek out roosting sites in early spring throughout the triangle. Bats are searching for areas to have their pups and in most cases they pick areas that are in close contact with humans. Bats cause issues for humans when they come in contact with people due to the North Carolina bats being vectors of Rabies.


Bat’s are a common issue in our area, exclusion of bats is the only way to reduce exposure to these nighttime flyers. Bats are nocturnal and roost in areas during the spring and summer in order to have a safe place for their babies.


Signs of bat infestation


batremovalBats will leave behind signs that will allow homeowners a clue that there is an infestation, some of the signs include.


Large amounts of bat droppings


Bats hanging in the gable vents of homes and buildings


Strong odor coming from attic area

Brownish staining around gable vents and trim along roofline.


Our solutions


We’re a full serve bat exclusion company recognized by the international bat conservation. Our bat service includes:

Removal and Control of bats in the house or structure

Sealing and exclusion of all areas prone to entry of bats

Clean-up of bat guano and soiled building material associated with bat infestation

A 5 year warranty on all Bat Work






Raleigh / Triangle Squirrel and Wildlife Control

squirrelOur squirrel removal and control handles the removal and sealing of areas of entry. We offer a full seal up package that places your home under a warranty against the re-infestation of squirrels.


Squirrels have two litters per year and cause havoc on houses and commercial buildings. Squirrels cause damage to the building material around the roofline and trim of homes and buildings.



We provide the following services in the following areas, Bat Removal, Bat Control, Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control, Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Dead Animal Removal in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Wake Forest, North Carolina

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